Patrizia Dalla Valle, mosaicist and sculptor, has been fascinated by Byzantine and Ravenna Art so much that she has decided to dedicate an important artistic project to the style calling it Byzantine Interior. Mosaics infuse her with their chromatic and luminous charm so much that they are able to extract her inner sounds. Her nature is characterized by an urgent need for experimentation with various materials and iconographic lexicons, as well as with languages closer to our contemporaneity.

She loves to express herself with artistic cultural projects which deserve special acknowledgement: Byzantine Interior, Shreds, Beyond, Beyond Byzantium, Cuts from Time, Macros, Ova, Universal Art Collection, Hermeneutics, Landings, Astral Geometry & Jewels. 

She has been analyzed and appreciated in notable critical interventions both in fundamental catalogs as well as in personal and collective exhibitions.

In 2016, she was awarded the Olmo Prize for Art.  In 2021 and 2022 she was the recipient of the Spoleto Art Festival International Prize for Art. In 2022, she also received the Menotti Special International Award for the promotion of culture and arts. In the same year, she was awarded the prestigious “Ponte Vecchio” award in Florence by the Tuscan Culture Association.

The artist’s exhibition debuted at the beginning of the 21st century. Of the numerous exhibitions held in Italy and abroad, the following are highlighted in chronological order.

2008, St. Nicola’s Greek Complex, Matera;
2009, St. Francesco’s Conventiamo, Bagnacavallo (Ravenna);
2013, Ex Church in Albis, Russi (Ravenna);
2013-2014, Oratorio San Sebastiano, Forlì;
2015, The Phoenix Art Space, Venezia;
2015-2016, Manfredi Art Space, Imola (Bologna);
2016, Villa Torlonia, The House of Owls, Roma;
2017, Art Gallery, Faenza (Ravenna);
2017, Salt Tower Warehouse, Cervia (Ravenna);
2017, Pavilion of the Arabic Syrian Republic, 57. Biennale Venice;
2018, National Archeology Museum, Venice;
2018, Villa Ortolani Stables, Voltana (Ravenna);
2019, Torcello’s Museum, Venice;
2019, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rome;
2019, National Museum of fine Arts of La Havana, Cuba;
2021-2022, Literary Cafe of Sansi, Spoleto;
2021-2022, Archeological Museum of Monteleone in Spoleto;
2021-2022, European Parliament, Brussels;
2022, Villa Pannonia, Venice Beach;
2022, Orafi Meeting Room, Spoleto;
2022, 9th Edition of the Biennale of Contemporary Art, Tashkent (Uzbekistan).

@ ph. credit: Gianluigi Conti