The project, supported by a rich and valuable corpus of two- and three-dimensional works dedicated to the most important historical periods of our civilization, is combined with that created by the stylist Eleonora Altamore, dedicated to the “universal woman”.
With an admirable symbolic language, the mosaic creations evoke the main cultural attestations that, over the centuries and millennia, flow from the first attestations, dating back to the Upper Paleolithic, to the more recent ones, relating to the twentieth century. 
The works, sometimes of considerable size, follow a continuous “red thread”, explaining our roots and their development.
From prehistoric memories to historical realities, the creations recall civilizations of great depth, ranging in particular from Mesopotamia and Egypt to Greece and Rome, from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to the Baroque and Neoclassicism, from Romanticism and Impressionism to Art Nouveau and Art Déco.
This leads to the twentieth century and the threshold of the third millennium with works of absolute lexical relevance, consonant with abstraction and figuration.