A nucleus of unpublished works, often sculptural and monumental in scope, is collected in a project called Ermeneutica, in order to highlight the importance of the subjective iconic interpretation signed in each creation. The term Ermeneutica, of Greek-ancient derivation, designates, in fact, the foundation of a thoughtful interpretative action.

The project was born as part of the Rinascita exhibition, held by Patrizia Dalla Valle on the island of Torcello (Venice) together with the 58th Art Biennale. The works therefore dialogue in their intrinsic meaning with the artistic and natural emergencies of the Venetian lagoon site.

Gotico Regale, a monumental throne with formal Gothic tension, evokes the prevailing architectural style of Venice. Votivo 1 – 2 – 3, walling steles imbued with atmospheres of remembrance, recall the vestiges and gravestones preserved on the island. Helios 1 – 2 – 3, obelisks in vertical becoming, spur the soul to the spiritual elevation and cosmic projection. Finally, Triade, the installation of hypothetical “briccole” (wooden posts), fully combines with the concrete reality of a lagoon landscape.