Reflecting inwardly on the supreme expressive season of Byzantine and Ravenna mosaic art, developed in particular during Justinian’s sovereignty, the technical and ideological foundations emerge that inform the cultural meanings still present in our contemporaneity.
From the admirable mosaic scores dating back to the 5th and 6th century AD one seizes the wonder and power of imperial and ecclesiastical splendor. Yet even the dominion of that empire could not escape an inexorable and inescapable decline.
The works inspired by this historical period and collected in the title Byzantine Interior capture the golden and chromatic magniloquence of the mosaic, its velvety and iridescent texture, as well as the intrinsic and harmonious ethical and aesthetic value. Luxury, pomp, the golden and purple colors of royalty are elevated to their intrinsic and extrinsic nobility, but also declined in passages eroded by the inexorable hand of time and history.
Created specifically for sculpture or wall panels, the creations evolve on an abstract symbolism that fully fits the current artistic urgencies and the cultural reality of a historical dialogue translated into the present.